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{{News year|2011|
{{News year|2011|
{{News|5/5/2011|targetcli|1.0|| Released generic multiprotocol [[targetcli]].}}
{{News|5/5/2011|targetcli|1.0|| Released generic multiprotocol [[targetcli]].}}
{{News|3/16/2011|RTS OS|1.4|| Added an [[RTS OS]] entry.}}
{{News|3/2/2011|LIO|v4.0.0|Linux v2.6.38| Press overage on Heise Open about LIO becoming the standard multiprotocol target in Linux (Thorsten Leemhuis, ''[ Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.38 (Part 4) - Storage]'').}}
{{News|3/2/2011|LIO|v4.0.0|Linux v2.6.38| Press overage on Heise Open about LIO becoming the standard multiprotocol target in Linux (Thorsten Leemhuis, ''[ Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.38 (Part 4) - Storage]'').}}
{{News|2/15/2011|LIO|v4.0.0-rc7|Linux v2.6.39| Infiniband [[SRP]] fabric module contributed by Bart van Assche.}}
{{News|2/15/2011|LIO|v4.0.0-rc7|Linux v2.6.39| Infiniband [[SRP]] fabric module contributed by Bart van Assche.}}

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5/5/2011targetcli (1.0): Released generic multiprotocol targetcli.
3/2/2011LIO (v4.0.0 for Linux v2.6.38): Press overage on Heise Open about LIO becoming the standard multiprotocol target in Linux (Thorsten Leemhuis, Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.38 (Part 4) - Storage).
2/15/2011LIO (v4.0.0-rc7 for Linux v2.6.39): Infiniband SRP fabric module contributed by Bart van Assche.
2/14/2011LIO (v4.0.0-rc7 for Linux v2.6.39): IBM vSCSI fabric module contributed by Tomonori Fujita.
1/15/2011LIO (v4.0.0-rc6 for Linux v2.6.38-rc1): Linus pulls the target engine into his master tree for v2.6.38 inclusion.


12/21/2010LIO (v4.0.0-rc6 for Linux v2.6.38-rc1): Target engine goes into the SCSI staging tree for v2.6.38 inclusion.
12/17/2010LIO (v4.0.0-rc6 for Linux v2.6.37-rc6): QLogic Fibre Channel tcm_qla2xxx release (Alpha).
12/12/2010LIO (v4.0.0-rc6 pre for Fibre Channel): tcm_qla2xxx FC driver running at line rate in HW target mode (with PCIe device passthrough).
11/2010Wiki: Relaunch.
10/18/10LIO (v4.0.0-rc5 for Linux v2.6.36-rc8): Released.
09/20/10LIO (v4.0.0-rc4 for Linux v2.6.36-rc4): Released.
08/30/10LIO (v4.0.0-rc3 for Linux v2.6.36-rc3): Released.
08/04/10LIO (v4.0.0-rc2 for Linux v2.6.35): Released.
05/21/10LIO (v4.0.0-rc1 for Linux v2.6.35-rc1): lio-core-2.6.git/lio-4.0 released with the new generic fabric module infrastructure.
05/21/10LIO (v3.4.0 for Linux v2.6.34): lio-core-2.6.git/lio-3.4 is tagged as stable.
03/08/10LIO (v3.4.0-rc1 for Linux v2.6.34-rc1): FCoE fabric module contributed by Joe Eykholt.
03/07/10LIO (v3.3.0 for Linux v2.6.33): lio-core-2.6.git/lio-3.3 is tagged as stable.


10/2009LIO (v3.1-pre for Linux v2.6.31-rc5): Complete SCSI-3/SCSI-4 functionality for Persistent Reservations including APTPL=1, SPEC_I_PT=1 and PROUT SA REGISTER_AND_MOVE have been commited into lio-core-2.6.git running v2.6.31-rc5 on 32-bit x86 HVM and ppc64 architectures.
10/2009LIO (cv3.1-pre for Linux v2.6.31-rc5): Complete SCSI-3/SCSI-4 functionality for implict and explict ALUA including all primary and secondary access states. The current development version is v3.1.0 and and available from lio-core-2.6.git. Also, v3.1.0 has been backported to lio-core-2.6.30.git and lio-core-2.6.29.git. HEAD and the lio-3.0 stable branch are available in branch origin/lio-3.0 from the the backport tree.
08/2009LIO (v3.0 for Linux v2.6.30): Available in lio-core-2.6.30.git and lio-core-2.6.29.git and lio-utils code. For the v2.6.30 kernel released in mid June 2009, lio-utils v3.0 source has been released including a new python CLI for Target and iSCSI. The LIO modules located in drivers/target and drivers/lio-core are also available from lio-core-2.6.29.git for the kernel pieces, however at some point the v2.9 LINUX_VERSION wrappers can be added for running on pre v2.6.29 kernels. Also the lio-utils HOWTO v3.0 is now online.
08/2009LIO (v3.0): Development has been underway since early 9/2008 to enable a generic target engine running configFS on LIO. ConfigFS is now the preferred control method for all future upstream kernel work. Code from drivers/lio-core/iscsi_target_ioctl.c is being disabled and will eventually be removed when the conversion is complete. For now, the SCSI and iSCSI MIBs for SNMP will remain under procfs in /proc/scsi_target/mib/ and /proc/iscsi_target/mib/ using seq_file() respectively. These two different MIBs, SCSI and iSCSI are owned by Target and iSCSI respectively. Currently, the SCSI MIBs is only a partial implementation, but the goal will be to complete SCSI MIBs as other fabric modules are ports to use Target/configFS.
04/2009LIO (v3.0 for Linux v2.6.29): SPC-3 compliant Persistent Reservations are up and running against multiple SCSI subsystems using independent developed RFC 3720 compatible iSCSI Initiator implementations. This also includes target mode infrastructure support for implict Asymmetric Logical Unit Assignment (ALUA) Logical Units and TPGs in /sys/kernel/config/target/core/alua/[lu_gps,tg_pt_gps] against distribution supported Linux/SCSI scsi_dh_alua. Please see Persistent Reservations for SPC-3 specific details for Linux/iSCSI Initiator client support using LIO v3.0.
01/2009LIO (v3.0 for Linux v2.6.28): Both Target and iSCSI are up and running.


10/2008LIO (v3.0 for Linux v2.6.27): All main functionality is up using ConfigFS symbolic links between Target storage objects and iSCSI Portal Group port LUNs.
06/2008LIO (v2.9-STABLE for VHACS): LIO is one of the projects that make up the VHACS and VHACS-VM cloud. It is used in DRBD target cluster resource allocation within the VHACS environment.
05/2008LIO (v2.9-STABLE for LIO-VM): LIO can also export storage from a Linux guest on hypervisor running both Linux and non-Linux hosts. There are Beta PV-OPS builds available for Ubuntu, and stable builds for Debian Etch.
05/20/08LIO (v3.0.0): Uploaded into the git repository. (announcement)
05/13/08Core-iSCSI (OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner): The prototype is up and running.
05/02/08Initiator (Mac OS X): Small-Tree iSCSI Initiator up and running.
04/26/08Core-iSCSI (Nokia N800): Update for OS-2008.
04/24/08LIO (2.9 for PlayStation 3): Updated builds (ps3-linux.git 2.6.25).
04/01/08iSNS (Control Node Client): Released.
03/30/08LIO (2.9 for TS-7800): Added ARM9 builds.
02/13/08LIO (2.9 for Debian and Ubuntu): Updated builds (announcement).
02/09/08LIO (2.9 for CentOS): Released 5u1 builds for x86_64 and i386.
02/04/08LIO (2.9 for PlayStation 3): Released 2.6.24 and FC8 builds.
02/2008Mobile: Released GSM-iSCSi-POD to break 2TB block device limitation using 64-bit LBA addressing over GSM.
02/2008Mobile (OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner): New GTA02 hardware test and design available.
01/17/08STB (Core-iSCSI for Neuros OSD): First info available.


11/30/07LIO-VM: Demo images released. (announcement)
11/29/07LIO (Ubuntu): Repository goes online. (announcement)
11/20/07LIO (JeOS): Released packages. (announcement)
11/17/07OCFS2 (Debian): Cluster goes online. (announcement)
10/15/07LIO: West cluster storage goes online. (announcement)
10/15/07LIO (CentOS 5): Builds are online.
10/15/07LIO: Subversion repository is online.
09/25/07LIO: West goes online. (announcement)
09/18/07iSNS: Added iSNS (and iSNS/HOWTO, now obsolete) entries.
09/16/07Wiki (PlayStation 3): Status update.
09/06/07Wiki: Added iSCSI/HD (now iSCSI HD).
05/06/07Core-iSCSI (Nokia N800): Mobile developer release.
05/2007iSNS (OpenMoko): Released mobile iSNS and iSCSI initiator developer packages.
02/27/07Wiki: Updated iSCSI/GSM (now GSM) and Motorola ROKR E2 entries.
02/26/07Wiki (OpenWRT): Added entry for based wireless access points.
02/16/07Core-iSCSI (Motorola ROKR E2): Progress on prototype...
01/25/07WiKi (PlayStation 2): Added history and long term development items.
01/24/07Mobile: Updated Linux/iscsi-projects with iSCSI over GSM and CDMA.
02/2007Mobile: GSM working using openEZX platform - first iSCSI over GSM in West America.
01/23/07 is back online, kudos to the Mazarick clan.


12/14/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.9 for Cisco MDS 9216i): Validated.
07/11/06Core-iSCSI (Domain Validation Tool): Released.
07/11/06Core-iSCSI-Tools (v3.5): Released. (announcement)
07/05/06Core-iSCSI (Nintendo Gamecube): Released port.
07/05/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.9): Released. (announcement)
07/04/06Wiki: Added Support page.
06/27/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.8): Released. (announcement)
06/25/06Core-iSCSI-Tools (v3.4): Released. (announcement)
06/25/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.7): Released. (announcement)
06/18/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.6): Released. (anncouncement)
04/01/06Core-iSCSI (Nokia 770): Released.
03/29/06Core-iSCSI-Tools (v3.3): Released. (announcement)
03/29/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.5): Released. (announcement)
03/28/06Core-iSCSI (Alpha for Nokia 770): Released.
03/19/06Wiki: Added Linux/iscsi-projects for CELL, Internet Tablets, Game Consoles, PDAs and more.
03/13/06Core-iSCSI (MC/S): Added compatibility information for Linux v2.6+.
03/12/06Core-iSCSI (v1.6.2.4): Released. (announcement)
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